“NACW continues to be our “must attend” carbon offset market conference each year. For 20 years, NACW has assembled the foremost experts, key policy decision makers, and leading innovators in the carbon markets. This gathering of people who are highly committed to making a difference is inspirational and impactful. The conference provides an unparalleled opportunity for networking and sharing ideas.”
— ClimeCo

“As one of the world’s largest and oldest carbon project developers, South Pole views NACW as a mission critical point in our annual event roster. At NACW we get the chance to take the pulse of the carbon market, demonstrate our continued leadership, and learn from peers in an unequaled environment.”
— South Pole

“Xpansiv has been a proud sponsor of NACW since 2015. As the leading carbon platform partnering with CAR (Climate Action Reserve), we are pleased to be strong supporters of NACW and look forward to the 2023 event convening thought leaders launching and scaling climate solutions.”
— Amy Bann, Xpansiv

“For the organization of MÉXICO₂ and for the United Mexican States, the State of California is a strategic ally for the provision of knowledge, experience, mutual aid and collaboration in terms of emission reduction. We are deeply grateful to the CAR for developing this great event that manages a space for exchange with the most important counterparts in decision-making for the fight against climate change.”

“AWT looks forward to attending NACW every year and networking with other carbon professionals. The event is a great marketing tool for our verification and validation services, allowing us to meet past and present clients face to face.”
— Agri-Waste Technology

“I am thrilled to be participating in the North American Carbon World conference for a second year in a row, connecting with other leaders and visionaries from around the world in the sustainability space. As a passionate advocate for the green movement, I feel empowered to be a part of this important event and contribute to the growth of the offset market. I am confident that by learning from and engaging with experts at this highly focused event, we can further our understanding of the challenges facing project developers and the broader carbon market, hence explore new opportunities for innovation and growth. NACW has emerged as a pillar and focal point of the CDR community, featuring diverse, like-minded individuals united around a common goal of creating a more sustainable future. I firmly believe that by participating in this conference, GRAIN can significantly expedite making an impact in the fight against climate change.”
— Jason Dodier, CCO & Co-Founder, GRAIN Ecosystem

“First Environment has participated in the NACW conference for over a decade and it remains the go-to annual carbon markets event for us. The Reserve curates a well-organized venue to learn about the latest trends, connect with industry representatives, and share lessons learned. It’s a great opportunity to see many of our clients all in one place.”
— First Environment

“If you work in carbon markets, this is the one conference you must attend. I can count on one hand the number of times I have missed NACW in the past 20 years.”
— Robert Parkhurst, Sierra View Solutions

“At Futurepast, We Count Carbon. We are exhibiting at NACW to engage with leading climate professionals from throughout North America. Futurepast’s mission is to help organizations transition to a low-carbon economy through consulting, training, and auditing. At NACW we plan to learn, collaborate, and network with others to join in the fight against climate change.”
— Futurepast

“Dentons Canada participates in NACW because it provides the opportunity to strengthen relationships and hear from key practitioners and the largest developers of carbon projects. NACW provides an opportunity to explore new technology, consider innovations and to get a snapshot of the current carbon markets worldwide – all of which our clients are interested in hearing about.”
— Dentons Canada

“Restore the Earth has been participating in NACW since 2016 and has found the quality content, attendees and networking opportunities invaluable to our projects, partnerships and opportunities for collaboration.”
— Taylor Marshall, Director of Partnerships and Programs, Restore the Earth

“As North America’s leading forest carbon offset developer, Finite Carbon prioritizes attending and sponsoring the NACW conference. NACW is a key venue that enables the connection of peers and decision makers committed to moving the needle in the carbon space.”
— Finite Carbon

“NACW has been the go-to carbon conference in the United States for many years – we never a miss one.”
— Ruby Canyon Environmental, Inc.

“NACW is the one event every year that main industry players have always attended. It’s a superb educational experience and always a great opportunity for our team to connect with project developers, regulators, policymakers, and other key market participants. We are looking forward to hearing the latest and most comprehensive updates on climate change policies and market developments at this year’s conference.”
— 3Degrees

“Viresco is happy to be a part of the 2023 North American Carbon World conference. Attending the event is an excellent opportunity for organizations to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest developments in the carbon market. The event provides a great platform for networking with peers and industry leaders. This can be a valuable opportunity for organizations to build relationships and partnerships that can help drive their sustainability efforts forward.”
— Viresco

“The Consulates General of Canada in California are proud sponsors of the 2023 NACW Conference. Canada values its global friendships and will continue to work with international partners to advance our shared climate goals. For more information, follow us: @CANCGSF @CANCGLA @environmentca”
— Canada

“North American Carbon World is a comprehensive experience for the practitioners. I have participated in NACW for many years. Benefits have been many, including the insights on policies shared by government officials, methods and technologies marketed by providers, and networking with competitors and collaborators alike to advance the best practices in the field.”
— Arthur Lee, Chevron Fellow and Principal Advisor Climate and Carbon Policy

“The Climate Trust has been attending NACW for many years now and we love the opportunity to connect with so many of our carbon colleagues in one place. The conference is a fantastic place to get up to speed on all the latest market developments and make and maintain important connections in the industry.”
— Julius Pasay, Executive Director, The Climate Trust

“NRDC attends the NACW because it is exciting to connect with and learn from professionals and organizations working in the carbon space. We are excited to collaborate with and gain carbon-insight at this year’s conference. We cannot stress the value of this conference!”

“I’ve been going to the NACW conferences since 2010 simply because it is the one carbon conference not to miss every year.”
— David Moffat, Managing Director, Inlandsis Fund

“NACW is a premier conference each year for our carbon offset verification team – with so many of our clients, project developers, partners, NGOs, and policymakers in one place. We look forward to meeting with long-time colleagues as well as making new connections as an award-winning validation and verification body of carbon offsets.”
— Christie Pollet-Young, Managing Director of GHG Verification, SCS Global Services

“We participate in NACW 2023 because we are passionate about the projects that we develop and would like to share our best practices and find strategic allies, such as off-takers, investors, and land-owners that resonate with our mantra: We are here to create just business with the environment, the local communities, and the economic development.”
— Carbonof

“For us, NACW 2023 is a great opportunity to share our digital platform that enhances transparency and helps project developers to organize their project activities. We believe that complying with social and environmental safeguards is crucial to have integrity in carbon markets and with Clear Carbon, stakeholders can have access to all information about their projects in real-time, even under low connectivity situations.”
— Clear Carbon

“NACW is the premier North American carbon conference where market participants gather to learn about new market trends and identify new opportunities.”
— Freepoint Commodities

“North American Carbon Week brings together leading experts and practitioners in carbon markets for a deep dive on all policy and market matters. This is the conference where we share with our peers in the industry. A well run, not-to-be missed event!”
— Fiona Oliver-Glasford, COO, ClearBlue Markets

“As a long-time attendee, sponsor and exhibitor, NACW is one of the premier events to meet with the spectrum of participants and find out the latest information on the markets we serve. We look forward to this conference every year.”
— Incubex

“Climate change is the greatest threat to the reliability of Southern California’s water supplies. Metropolitan is proud to partner with and support the North American Carbon World conference because of our shared values and commitment to building resilience to climate change impacts and reaching carbon neutrality with sustainable energy and conservation policies, environmental stewardship, sound investments in local water supply development and conservation, and adaptive management of our water resources.”
— Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

“NACW provides a space for us to meet with and hear from other key decision makers and cutting-edge practitioners in carbon markets and climate policy. We look forward to collaboratively develop solutions with the carbon ecosystem at NACW.”
— Matt Wilson Plasek, Head of US Business at Carbonfuture

“NACW, one of the largest North American carbon conferences, is a great place for businesses, academia, policy makers active in carbon market to exchange latest ideas & information, and collaborate for increased innovation and explore the evolving dynamics of carbon market. We look forward to the conference to connect with key decision makers and practitioners on carbon market instruments.”
— EKI Energy Services

“ACT Commodities is proud to attend and sponsor NACW. As the leading carbon markets conference in North America, NACW provides us with the space to build relationships and collaborate with thought leaders. The event is highly focused and a great opportunity to study the ever-changing dynamics of the carbon markets.”
— ACT Commodities

“NACW is THE event where leading companies in the carbon industry, like ACX, attend to connect and learn from each other.”
— AirCarbon Exchange (ACX)

“Why am I participating in NACW? I am participating in NACW so that I can share the Natural Climate Solutions that we have been developing within Bayer Environmental Science, and to gain feedback and guidance from the experts who will be present. After 2 years of participating in NACW remotely, I am extremely excited to engage in-person and network with this passionate community.”
— Matt Nespeca, Global Head of Digital Business Transformation, Bayer Environmental Science

“NACW is when the pioneers meet. We’re pleased to join them.”
— Ken Newcombe, C-Quest Capital

“ANAB values its longstanding relationship with the Climate Action Reserve and appreciates the Reserve’s continued support for credible carbon accounting and accredited third party verification. Participation in NACW allows us to stay up-to-date on evolutions in climate and ESG-related disclosure and to engage on matters pertaining to quality assurance of MRV programs.”

“The Verra team is looking forward to attending NACW! As carbon markets continue to grow and play a critical role in reaching global climate goals, this event provides an invaluable opportunity to connect and share information with stakeholders in the North American carbon space.”
— Verra

“North American Carbon World was a must for us at Patch. We’re excited to meet new colleagues and to connect with our peers on the cutting edge of this space.”
— Patch

“Indigo is thrilled to attend NACW in-person this year. We see it as the prime event of the year for building new relationships, reconnecting with our carbon colleagues, and staying up to date on the state of the art for the sector. As we wrap up the first verification of our large scale ag soil project, we look forward to discussing progress and lessons learned with experts, policymakers, and other stakeholders.”
— Max DuBuisson, Senior Director – Carbon Policy, Indigo

“As companies are increasingly seeing the power of market-based solutions in helping us to meet our global climate goals, it becomes more and more important for project partners and industry experts to collaborate for faster results, greater impact and increased innovation. We always come away from NACW with new ideas, connections and opportunities and are looking forward to more of that this year.”
— Saskia Feast, Managing Director for Global Client Solutions, Natural Capital Partners/ClimateCare