Join me at Navigating the American Carbon World (NACW) 2019
NACW is North America’s largest and most comprehensive gathering for information and discussion around climate change policy and carbon markets. In its 17th year, NACW 2018 will offer an exciting program agenda exploring the most relevant topics and new developments in domestic and international climate policy, carbon markets, climate finance, and innovative carbon management initiatives. Year after year, attendees identify NACW as one of their must-attend events for these reasons:

  • Comprehensive program agenda providing attendees with insightful and useful information relevant to their work
  • Best networking opportunities with policymakers, regulators, market players and other key industry participants
  • In-depth technical discussions on carbon and climate policy topics
  • Excellent brand and name exposure to a very defined and engaged audience
Hear from leading climate experts at NACW 2018
NACW 2019 speakers to be posted shortly. Previous speakers include: 

Tom Steyer

Founder and President, NextGen Climate
Hon. Kevin de León

California State Senate President Pro Tem
Mary Nichols

Chair, California Air Resources Board
Matt Rodriquez

Secretary of Environmental Protection, California Environmental Protection Agency
Ken Alex

Director of the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, State of California
Minister Catherine McKenna

Environment and Climate Change, Canada
Glen Murray

Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Ontario
Rodolfo Lacy

Under Secretary of Policy and Environmental Planning at SEMARNAT
Saúl Guzmán García

Environmental Management Director al Secretaria de Proteccion al Ambiente de Baja California
Diane Regas

Executive Director, Environmental Defense Fund
Annie Notthoff

California Director of the Natural Resources Defense Council
Chris Benjamin

Director, Corporate Sustainability, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Lisa Alexander

Vice President, Customer Solutions and Communications, Southern California Gas Company
Dirk Forrister

President and CEO, International Emissions Trading Association
Stephanie Zhu

Manager of Climate Change Strategy, Delta

NACW Program to Provide Comprehensive and Up-to-Date Insights
Attend NACW 2019 to gain valuable information and key insights into the most pressing topics in the carbon landscape. Program to be posted shortly on

An example of a previous conference program is below:

Pre-conference Workshops 
  • California Cap-and-Trade 101 Workshop
  • California Compliance Offset Program Workshop
  • Current Legal Issues Shaping and Reshaping Carbon and Climate Policy
  • Forestry – Journey through the Compliance and Voluntary Markets
  • Jurisdictional Accounting Frameworks – California Initiatives
  • Communicating Climate Change Issues
  • Voluntary Carbon Markets: Trends in North America
  • WCI Carbon Triptych: an Integrated Sectoral Price Forecast through 2030
  • Fresh Thinking: Mooving towards a Climate-Friendly Cow
  • The Growing Potential for Offsets in Mexico
  • The Role of Renewable Gas in Cutting the Most Potent Climate Pollutants
Breakout Path 1: Markets and Finance
  • Financing Climate Change Solutions: on the Ground
  • State of the North American Carbon Market
  • North American Carbon Market Forecast
  • California Auction Revenue Investments and Impacts
  • The Future of Offsets and Their Role
  • The Role of Carbon Markets in Land Conservation
Breakout Path 2: Subnational Leadership
  • Igniting an International Coalition: Subnational Jurisdictions Joining Forces
  • Pioneering Action at the Local Level
  • Canadian Provincial Leadership and Cooperation with Federal Efforts
  • Subnational Efforts to Advance Conservation of Tropical Forests
  • A Closer Look at California’s Tools for Addressing Climate Change, Part I
  • A Closer Look at California’s Tools for Addressing Climate Change, Part II
Breakout Path 3: Climate Initiatives and Policy
  • Financing Climate Change Solutions: the Big Picture
  • The Status and Potential Impact of CORSIA
  • Global Community Forging Ahead with International Climate Action
  • Federal Climate and Energy Policy in the New Administration
  • Driving the Revolution in Low-Carbon Transportation: the Development of EV
  • The Outlook for Climate Action under the Clean Air Act
Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) Path
  • Can Alternative Fuel Supply Meet LCFS Market Demand?
  • International Imports and Domestic Regulation – an LCFS Market Outlook
  • Third Party Verification for LCFS – Governance, Standards, and Evaluation Considerations
Technical Path
  • Developing and Verifying Forest Carbon Project Inventories: Challenges and New Solutions to Aid the Process
  • Agricultural Offsets: Reducing Transaction Costs and Driving Protocol Adoption
  • Understanding Legal Issues to Mitigate Risk in Compliance Offset Projects