1. Will sessions be recorded?
Yes, we plan to record the sessions for attendees to be able to watch later on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/climatereserve

2. Will there be a mobile app/attendee list?
Yes, registered attendees will receive information to download the conference mobile app one week before the conference. Through the app, you’ll be able to connect with attendees, send messages, request meetings, start and participate in discussions etc. We’ll also share a final delegate list that includes opt-in email addresses upon the close of the conference.

3. Can I participate virtually?
Attendance at NACW 2024 is only in-person; however, recordings of sessions will be posted on the Reserve’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/climatereserve

4. How can I network with other attendees?
Attendees can connect with each other via the mobile app, which will be available one week before the conference. There will be numerous opportunities to network onsite at the conference including networking breaks, breakfast discussions, conference reception, exhibit hall, and meals.

5. What meals are provided at NACW?
On the first day of the conference, a light breakfast and lunch are provided. On the second day of the conference, breakfast, lunch and afternoon refreshments are provided, and all attendees are invited to the conference reception where hors d’oeuvres are served. On the third day of the conference, breakfast, lunch and afternoon refreshments are provided. Coffee and tea are available all three days.

6. What types of sessions are at NACW?
There are two ways to learn and share content at NACW – workshops and sessions.

All workshops are scheduled for the first day of the conference. They may feature different formats and be hosted by organizations besides the Climate Action Reserve. At NACW 2024, registered attendees may attend any workshops that are included in the NACW program. Please note that registration is for the full conference.

Sessions include plenary sessions and breakout sessions, and all take place on the second and third days of the conference. These sessions are designed as interactive discussions among a group of panelists with a moderator leading the discussion. Breakout sessions fall under one of four different paths. All sessions are hosted by the Climate Action Reserve and are included in the NACW program.

7. Will Spanish translation be available?

Simultaneous Spanish translation of all NACW conference sessions (Days 2 & 3) and some workshops (Day 1) will be available. To access the translation, please scan the QR codes onsite or visit the Spanish Translation module on the mobile app. You will be directed to a web browser from which you will be able to read or listen to the Spanish translation. Please bring your own personal devices, such as mobile phones and earbuds, to access the translation.