Knowing the Different Kinds of Presentations at NACW

For over two decades, NACW has been providing climate professionals with access to the latest information and updates on carbon markets and climate policy. There are two ways to learn and share content – workshops and sessions.

All workshops are scheduled for the first day of the conference. They may feature different formats and be hosted by organizations besides the Climate Action Reserve. At NACW 2024, registered attendees may attend any workshops that are included in the NACW program. Please note that registration is for the full conference.

Sessions include plenary sessions and breakout sessions, and all take place on the second and third days of the conference. These sessions are designed as interactive discussions among a group of panelists with a moderator leading the discussion. Breakout sessions fall under one of four different paths. All sessions are hosted by the Climate Action Reserve and are included in the NACW program.

NACW 2024 program available soon.