Can Alternative Fuel Supply Meet LCFS Market Demand?

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Can Alternative Fuel Supply Meet LCFS Market Demand?
Path 4: LCFS & Technical Sessions

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As the electrification of transportation and goods movement continue to transform the energy industry, the economic opportunities and GHG mitigation potential of renewable fuels remain a crucial pathway to achieving ARB’s goal of furthering carbon intensity reductions, with the Scoping Plan floating targets between 18-25% by 2030. Combined with ARB’s emphasis on the SLCPR strategy, renewable natural gas and other alternative fuels are positioned to play a larger role in the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) market. This session will explore whether the industry can create supply at a pace commiserate with regulatory requirements, the economic feasibility and market incentives of bringing renewable fuels online, and how the trend towards electrification may impact the LCFS market.


  • Jordan Godwin (moderator), Senior Journalist, Oil Price Information Service
  • Sam Wade, Chief of the Transportation Fuels Branch, California Air Resources Board
  • Philip Sheehy, Technical Director, ICF
  • Nate Taylor, Project Manager, SoCalGas