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NACW Session Recording

Driving the Revolution in Low-Carbon Transportation: the Development of EV
Path 3: Climate Initiatives and Policy

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Electric vehicles (EV) are just beginning to make major inroads into the market. Certain states, such as California, have aggressive programs to encourage EV development and deployment, but charging times, range limitations and costs continue to hamper this technology. Nevertheless, the pace of technological improvements is generating much interest in electric vehicles. This comes at a time when more conventional engine options are under increased scrutiny, including the difficulties of meeting new mileage standards and challenges to conventional vehicles in light of the VW and related scandals. This session will explore the current state of EV technology, the potential for near-term developments to revolutionize the automotive market, current strategies in place to foster the adoption of EV technologies and challenges to succeeding in a complex, global transportation market.


  • Chelsea Sexton, EV Advocate and Advisor
  • Joel Levin, Executive Director, Plug In America
  • Abigail Tinker, Pacific Gas & Electric’s Vehicle Grid Integration