Pioneering Action at the Local Level

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Pioneering Action at the Local Level
Path 2: Subnational Leadership

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Cities and counties have often been recognized as the levels at which climate actions can be planned and implemented the fastest. These local jurisdictions have a keen awareness for their specific issues – including adaptation, environmental justice issues and social benefits – and ways to address them. This session looks at pioneering programs happening at the city and county levels, what makes them different from state and federal level initiatives and results that have already been generated.


  • David Rosenheim (moderator), Executive Director, The Climate Registry
  • Louise Bedsworth, Deputy Director, Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, State of California
  • Gary Gero, Chief Sustainability Officer, County of Los Angeles
  • Kyle Diesner, Policy Analyst, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, City of Portland
  • Debbie Raphael, Director, San Francisco Department of the Environment