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NACW Session Recording

Third Party Verification for LCFS – Governance, Standards, and Evaluation Considerations
Path 4: LCFS & Technical Sessions

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California’s LCFS has entered its eighth year of implementation. The Air Resources Board’s recent focus has been the development of a third-part verification program and updates to processes for reporting, credit generation, and pathway carbon intensity evaluations. This session will look at what considerations are necessary to ensure a governance structure reflective of the global nature of this commodities market, and how ARB can incorporate existing international standards to create cost effective certification schemes that cover complex supply chains and diverse feedstock sources.


  • William Murtha (moderator), Emissions Markets and Policy Reporter, Argus Media
  • Jim Clark, President, North Coast Resource Management
  • Jim Aguila, Chief of Program Planning and Management, California Air Resources Board
  • Philip Sheehy, Technical Director, ICF