Aaron Schroeder

Managing Director, Brightspot Climate Inc.

Aaron Schroeder is a Canadian professional engineer who leads Brightspot Climate, a consulting firm specializing in greenhouse gas quantification, reporting and verification. Aaron grew up on a mixed dairy and grain farm in rural Saskatchewan where his passion for working as a steward of the land originated.

Mr. Schroeder’s has gained significant hands-on experience by conducing independent verifications of more than 300 greenhouse gas statements made by organizations and project developers across a broad range of commercial and industrial sectors. His technical knowledge of greenhouse gas emissions includes activities carbon capture and storage, oil and gas production and processing, fossil and renewable electricity generation, dairy and beef management, soil carbon sequestration, nitrogen fertilizer management, waste management, and biofuels.

Aaron is sought after for his expertise devising strategies to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical implementation of methodologies for quantifying, reporting and verifying greenhouse gas emissions and emission reductions.