Alejandra Blanco

Director of the Environmental Fund, State of Jalisco

A biologist with more than 15 years of experience in environment-related issues, she has specialized in topics related to the development of public policy, financing, sustainable development, climate change, and forests. She has worked in state and federal government, but also has been an independent consultant and has collaborated with some organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) coordinating the creation of the Alliance for Climate Action of Guadalajara and with the World Bank, where she coordinated the development of the Jalisco´s Emissions Reduction Initiative (IRE).

Alejandra is currently the Director of the Environmental Fund of the State of Jalisco, where she oversees the development of different programs and the dispersion of resources that allow facing Jalisco’s environmental problems. In addition, she coordinates the development of different strategies related to markets such as the development of the commercial model for deforestation-free meat, the state bioeconomy strategy, and the arrangements to develop a local carbon market and the participation of Jalisco in voluntary carbon markets. In addition, she represents Jalisco on different international platforms such as the GCF Task Force and the Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity Initiative (VCMI).