Amy Kessler

Director of Latin America, Climate Action Reserve

As the Director of Latin America, Amy oversees the development and implementation of the Reserve’s protocols and programs throughout Latin America. Amy further manages stakeholder engagement, consulting services, and technical assistance to support climate policies and carbon markets in Latin America. Amy coordinates with the Reserve’s Analytical and Communications and Business Outreach Teams to ensure the Reserve’s programmatic policies and outreach efforts support the Reserve’s operations throughout Latin America.

Amy previously worked in the Bay of Jiquilisco, El Salvador, where she supported local communities and government institutions in developing and implementing forest management plans and advancing environmental policies and sustainable economic opportunities. Amy has further lived, studied, and worked in Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, and Norway. Amy graduated from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, where she received a Master’s in International Environmental Policy and a Master’s in Business Administration. Amy received her Bachelor of Arts in Biology with a Concentration in Environmental Studies from Kenyon College.