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Eric Sprague

Vice President of Forest Restoration, American Forests

Eric Sprague is the Vice President for Forest Restoration at American Forests. Eric oversees the implementation of our large landscape forest restoration efforts across North America. In this capacity, Eric develops and tests innovative restoration techniques, implements restoration plans and strategies in our priority landscapes, and supports policy initiatives to scale-up action. Throughout this work, Eric is integrating climate-science to ensure America’s forests adapt to a changing climate. Before joining American Forests, he directed the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay’s efforts to restore forest ecosystems, including accelerating the planting of trees along streams and using market-based forest conservation strategies. Outside of work, Eric enjoys chasing birds through Maryland’s forests with his family and dogs.

AF Inspiration:
“At American Forests, I help restore forests that countless people and wildlife depend on. Our restoration efforts help provide clean water and air to people across the country and expand habitat for thousands of animal species.”