Jaime Rodríguez Segovia

Jaime Rodríguez Segovia
Director of Planning, Finance and Business Development at the Chemicals Division of Cydsa

Jaime Rodríguez Segovia was born in Monterrey, N.L., January 10, 1954; Is Married, and has two sons and a daughter.

He Graduated from Chemical Engineering and Administration from the Monterrey Institute of Technology in Mexico and has taken several programs and Seminars in areas such as Strategic Planning, Marketing, Finance, Negotiations, Economics, Management, Foreign trade, environmental affairs, at Harvard HBX, MIT and other institutions.

He is Director of Planning, Finance and Business Development at the Chemicals Division of Cydsa;
He is responsible for the Strategic planning, growth strategies and new business development, M and A activities, Finance and administrative areas at the chemicals division, and also at Cydsa corporate level is responsible for Corporate Energy, Sustainability, H and S, and environmental affairs.
Is a member of the Board of Directors of Quimobásicos, a Joint Venture with Honeywell, and Vice-president of Sisamex Inc. in the USA.
He developed the Carbon market business (CERs) of Cydsa, and is participating in the design of the carbon market for Mexico and is a private sector participant in several negotiations related to the Montreal Protocol, the Kyoto/Paris accords, and the energy sector of the NAFTA agreement negotiations.
He developed and started an Electricity Cogeneration business and has been part of the team for the underground Hydrocarbon storage project, among other ventures.

He has been at Cydsa:
Director General of the Packaging Division.
Responsible for several business units: Celorey, Propirey, Reyprint, Masterpak, Litoenvases, Tubopak (plants in Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, and México), and Intermex Inc. (USA).
Director general of the Environmental Division.
With several business units: Atlatec, Dicotec, Atlatec Environmental Consulting, Atlatec Environmental Labs and reaserch, and Química Ecotec.
He developed a JV with Northumbrian Water Group LTD, acting as Chairman and several JV partnerships for Water treatment facilities pioneering Non-recourse project finance schemes in Mexico, acting also as Chairman and CEO.
Director General of Atlatec, S.A. de C.V.
Administrative Director of the Chemicals Division.
Communications, Public relations and Social Promotion Director.
Administrative Manager of Consorcio Intermex.
Corporate planning General Manager for the corporation.
Project manager at the Corporate planning area.

Outside Cydsa he is:

Chairman of the Board Directors of Indigo Alimentos e Innovation SA de CV
Chairman of the Board of Directors of ALIMUN, SA de CV
Member of the Board of Directors of The Wilderness Museum of Monterrey Member of The Board of Trustees and finance council of Chipinque Park (Natural protected Area)
Member of the Board of CONEFF related to Biodiversity in NL state.
Member of IETA (International Emissions Trading Association)
Member of the Board of CESPEDES
Member of FAMM (Fondo del Agua de Monterrey)
Member of OCCAM (Observatorio del Aire de Monterrey)
Member of the Board and technical council of the Energy and Climate Change forum of NL
Member of the Board of CINTERMEX
Member of the Board of Medical Missions Network Mexico AC
Member of the Board of trustees of Noviciado Santa María de la Montaña AC
Member of the Board of Directors of Servicios de Agua y Drenaje de Monterrey
Member of the board of directors of Automotores Coahuilenses. Ford, Mercury, Lincoln, Mazda and JAC family automobile dealerships
Former Treasurer of the Board of Directors of CAINTRA N.L. as a member of the Board of Directors.
Former Vice-president and Secretary of the Board of Directors of CAINTRA N.L.
Former Chairman of the Institute for Environment Protection of Nuevo León.
Former Vice-president of Caintra N.L.
Former Chairman of the Monterrey Productivity Center, A.C.
Former Chairman of the board of Automotores Coahuilenses.
Former member of the board of directors Caintra N.L.
Former president of Missionary Family. Catholic missions Organization.
Former Chairman of the North American Environmental Council of the Conference Board, for México, Canada and US

Has been professor of Strategic planning and Marketing at Monterrey Institute of Technology.

Has been a speaker in several National and International Environmental forums and Social responsibility UNIAPAC congress and Environmental Programs as the COP of the UNFCCC on Climate change (Side events) and Carbon Markets Forums.

He Enjoys hunting, shooting competitions, fishing, snow skiing, rappelling, hiking, rock climbing, archery, music, religious activities (Catholic missions, and is member of several social organizations as Casino de Monterrey, Club de Escopeteros del Norte, ARCYT hunting and shooting club, Club Industrial de Monterrey.

He is a mentor for some young entrepreneurs.