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Michael Berends

Managing Director of Origination, ClearBlue Markets

Michael has over 15 years of experience in Carbon Markets, in particular with carbon pricing strategy, offset development and trading. Previous to ClearBlue, Michael worked at EcoSecurities, Barclays Capital, Vattenfall Energy Trading and ICL Ltd. Michael has executed thousands of carbon product deals, structuring transactions for offsets, allowances, and allowance related products in the primary and secondary carbon markets in over fifty countries. Working with the rest of the ClearBlue team, he has developed the carbon pricing strategies for numerous large and small emitters and is also involved in the active management of their compliance positions, including both the sale and purchase of compliance instruments. Michael assists entities in advocating for benchmarks, allowance allocation and presenting unique facility and production cases to regulating officials that allows industry to make effective investments to reduce emissions. He further provides his expertise on Canadian carbon pricing programs and requirements for regulated emitters by facilitating workshops on market and regulatory updates.