Mike Saxton

Managing Director, Clean Transportation, SRECTrade, Inc.

Leads the Clean Transportation business at SRECTrade, leading full-service manager of environmental commodities, helping fleets and facilities meet their ESG objectives, maximize financial and environmental outcomes, and make more informed fuel and technology decisions for renewable energy and transportation fuels across North America.

SRECTrade facts:
– Largest agent manager of EV assets for the California LCFS program (and across North America)
– 60,000+ assets under management, 175,000+ total assets managed SRECTrade’s tech platform
– Working in 14 compliance markets across 20 unique environmental commodities (ECs)

SRECTrade pays fleets and facilities when they charge up using cleaner fuels. We enable participation by administering complex regulatory programs to fund equipment budgets, effectively lowering the total cost and accelerating adoption of electric vehicles, trucks, forklifts and a host of other alternate fuel vehicles and their charging/fueling equipment.

SRECTrade’s nationwide regulatory involvement and unique technology platform underpin the firm’s innovative services while enabling both public and private equipment operators to benefit from complex regulatory compliance programs and meet ESG goals. In November 2021, SRECTrade became a wholly owned subsidiary of Xpansiv, global marketplace for ESG-inclusive Commodities.