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Paola Mellow

Executive Director of the Clean Fuels Standards team, Environment and Climate Change Canada

Paola Mellow is the Executive Director of the Clean Fuels Standards team at Environment and Climate Change Canada, where she is responsible for developing and implementing the Clean Fuel Standard regulations, a key part of the Government of Canada’s Pan Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change.

Prior to taking over responsibility for the development of the Clean Fuel Standard regulations, Paola has been responsible for developing number of other key climate change policies as Director of the Electricity and Combustion Division, including greenhouse gas (GHG) regulations that will accelerate the phase-out coal-fired electricity in Canada by 2030, regulations for natural gas-fired electricity, and output-based standards for electricity under the federal carbon pricing system.

Paola graduated from the University of Victoria with a Masters degree in Economics, and combines a strong analytical background with people management excellence to advance Environment and Climate Change Canada’s reputation as a world class regulator.