Rajinder Sahota

Deputy Executive Officer - Climate Change & Research, California Air Resources Board

Rajinder Sahota was appointed as the Deputy Executive Officer for Climate Change and Research in spring of 2021. She is responsible for directing CARB’s scientific, technical, and policy teams as they develop and update the AB 32 Climate Change Scoping Plan to track progress and develop the pathways to achieve the state’s climate targets. She also oversees the economy-wide Cap-and-Trade Program, Low Carbon Fuels Standards, energy and climate policy, fuels programs, and critical research to advance action to improve public health and environmental protection. In Rajinder’s 19 year-career with CARB, she has worked on a variety of projects including analyzing data for children’s health studies, evaluating strategies and their impacts to reduce harmful diesel pollution from locomotives, developing the first comprehensive greenhouse gas reporting and verification regulation, developing the 2017 and 2022 Scoping Plan Updates, leading the development of the first Integrated Resource Targets under SB 350 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the electricity sector, and overseeing actions to reduce emissions from the oil and gas sector and fuels sector. She has also served as a point of contact on CARB’s climate policies with other states, and subnational and international governments.

Rajinder served as an inaugural co-chair of the Diversity and Racial Equity (DaRE) Task Force. The position helped co-lead an internally-focused effort to evaluate and remove barriers that keep the organization from being more diverse and inclusive for all. These continuing efforts will help CARB become more and responsive and effective.

Rajinder received a B.S. and M.S. in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of California, Davis.