Tim O’Connor

Senior Director, Senior Attorney, Energy Decarbonization Strategy, Environmental Defense Fund

Tim O’Connor is a Senior Director and Senior Attorney in Environmental Defense Fund’s Energy Program where he currently leads the organization’s strategy on energy decarbonization strategy in California. Focused broadly on developing solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation and buildings, Mr. O’Connor leads teams of experts to support the movement away from fossil fuels and towards optimal utilization of a decarbonized electricity system.

Since joining EDF in 2007, Mr. O’Connor has been involved at local and state agencies on the interaction of natural gas and renewable energy integration, deployment of energy storage and electric vehicles, oil and gas production and delivery, cap-and-trade and transportation fuels. During this time, Mr. O’Connor has also managed EDF’s participation in both state and federal courts on issues related to climate change, fuels and energy.

Prior to joining EDF, Mr. O’Connor was a senior compliance inspector at heavy industrial facilities, including power plants and petroleum refineries in the San Francisco bay area. He holds a Master’s Degree in Chemistry, Toxicology and Risk Assessment from Duke University and a J.D. from Golden Gate University with specializations in Environmental and Public Interest Law.