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If you are interested in NACW sponsorship, please contact Gillian Calof at (213) 542-0281 or [email protected].
The APX mission is to empower the world’s transition to sustainable energy, and we achieve this by providing environmental markets worldwide with intelligent, transparent, and trusted solutions. To realize this commitment, we use our deep domain expertise to couple innovative technology with client focused solutions, and to realize sustainability goals for governments, corporations and not-for-profits organizations.

This depth and breadth of knowledge makes the APX team uniquely qualified to provide leading-edge market solutions that deliver trust, integrity, and experience. More than 5,000 companies globally rely on APX products and services for integrity in environmental markets with more than 2 billion credits transacted.

APX registry technology is used by the Climate Action Reserve for both CRT and ROC tracking, as well as for CAR’s Climate Forward program. APX registry technology is also behind 10 additional carbon or renewable energy registries worldwide.

ClimeCo Corporation is a respected advisor, transaction facilitator, trader and developer of environmental commodity market products. ClimeCo develops and manages carbon emission reduction projects in North America and offers the resulting carbon offsets to companies and organizations that use them to satisfy regulatory compliance program requirements or internal sustainability goals. Within the Climate Action Reserve, ClimeCo is the largest developer of U.S. Greenhouse Gas offset projects and has been honored to receive their “Project Developer of the Year” award. In the regulated markets, ClimeCo also provides market advisory and transaction services to assist clients in maximizing value for their commodity assets while minimizing costs. In addition to our carbon portfolio, ClimeCo also provides clients with a comparable suite of services to support criteria pollutant trading programs, including VOC, NOx, SO2, and particulate matter. For information, contact ClimeCo at (484) 415-0501 or [email protected].
First Environment provides technical assistance and assurance services for greenhouse gas reporting or offset projects under most North American compliance or voluntary programs. We assist project developers with emission reduction projects, including producing project description documents, monitoring plans, and offset calculations. We also support public and private organizations in developing greenhouse gas inventories and facility reports.

First Environment is CARB-accredited as a verification body for cap and trade compliance offset project data reports with livestock, ozone depleting substances, and mine methane capture project specialties. The firm is also a CARB-accredited verification body for GHG emission data reports under the MRR and our team includes transaction, oil and gas, and process emissions sector specialists. First Environment is also ANSI-accredited to perform verifications of voluntary offset projects under the CAR, VCS and ACR programs; The Climate Registry member reports; as well as compliance greenhouse gas reporting to Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia.

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