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Derek Six

Chief Business Officer, Board Member, ClimeCo

Derek joined ClimeCo in 2015 after serving as CEO of Environmental Credit Corp. He has been working in environmental markets since 2006. He leads ClimeCo’s ODS Destruction program and has completed more than 30 ODS Destruction projects. Derek is also the Managing Director of the ClimeCo Environmental Fund I, L.P., an environmental private equity fund managed by ClimeCo. Derek has been deeply involved in Cap and Trade policy and Offset policy, including co-founding the Carbon Offset Provider’s Coalition (COPC) and participating in the Compliance Offset Developer’s Association (CODA), the Verified Emission Reduction Association (VERA), the Climate Action Reserve ODS workgroup, and many other policy and trade associations. He has produced several research studies, articles, and blogs involving climate change policy, cap-and-trade design, and the roles of voluntary and compliance offsets, and authors ClimeCo’s Monthly Market update. Derek has in the Pennsylvania State University’s Energy and Sustainability Policy degree program and continues to guest-lecture and participate in programs at Penn State’s Smeal College of Business.