Fabiola Muñoz Dodero

Country Director, Peru, Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force (GCF Task Force)

Fabiola Muñoz Dodero joined the GCF Task Force in September 2021 and serves as GCF Task Force Country Director, Peru. She is a lawyer with a master’s degree in Social Policy. Fabiola has been Minister of Environment and Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation besides other relevant appointments where she was also Deputy Director of the U.S. Forest Service Cooperation Program in Peru.

As a Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, she managed to reach consensus on the position of the Executive, presenting and promoting the initiative to create the Ministry of Agrarian Development with a Vice-Ministry of Family Agriculture, which gave rise to the current Vice-Ministry of Family Agriculture Development and Agrarian Infrastructure. As Minister of the Environment, she assisted the implementation of the circular economy approach. She promoted the Framework Law on Climate Change and the Law that regulates single-use plastic and disposable packaging.

Fabiola is also currently the Coordinator of the Coalition for Sustainable Production and Co-Chair of the FACT Multistakeholder Taskforce that supports the development of the Forest, Agriculture, and Commodity Trade – FACT dialogue.