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John Nickerson

Owner, Dogwood Springs Forestry

I am a forester who seeks lasting solutions to sustainable rural communities and ecosystems. I develop and implement market mechanisms that result in healthy and resilient ecosystems. I create tools to quantify, monitor, and verify management actions and market activities that sequester carbon, improve biodiversity, and enhance long-term economic outcomes.

I received a CARROT award from the Climate Action Reserve in 2005 for pioneering work on the California’s first forest carbon offset protocol. I have worked with many passionate individuals and organizations since then to expand market mechanisms in Mexico and the United States for agroforestry, reforestation, urban forestry,

I love the kinship I share with people in forests at home and abroad, of diverse ethnic groups and economic classes, when it comes to the ‘simple’ discovery of a rare animal track, sharing visions for forest restoration and sustainable management, observing fish deep in forested landscapes, where ecosystems that include humans within them appear destined for a healthy and resilient future.